Meet Our Bunnies!  


Elizabun Taylor

Introducing Elizabun Taylor, a bunny rescued on the 4th of July. A woman contacted another, who then reached out to us. Found wandering near an apartment complex, it was clear she had been abandoned—her friendliness was not that of a stray. An apartment resident took her in and looked after her until we could take over. The fireworks and passing cars must have been terrifying for her. Thankfully, she wasn't homeless for long, though she never should have been on the streets to begin with. Despite our efforts, her owners remained unfound. Two weeks later, she was spayed and officially joined our family. Now, she lives a worry-free life, safe and secure.


Cinnabun was advertised as a "Free Rabbit" on social media, attracting some shocking comments, such as one stating, "That rabbit will taste so good." We immediately knew we had to rescue her. Fortunately, we managed to save her before anyone with ill intentions could. She was visibly anxious when we arrived to collect her, but we gently secured her in a carrier. Once home, we ensured her comfort. She now happily resides with three other rabbits.


Meet Bunjamin, a rescue from the East Valley animal shelter. After seeing a post about him, we stepped in to help. He suffered from severe urine burn and was so stained that his true color was indiscernible. Despite warnings of his aggression and history of biting three people, we were undeterred. We embarked on a ninety-minute journey to the valley for his rescue. Remarkably, within just three days, he shed his yellowed coat, revealing his true, soft grey and white fur. Bunjamin craves affection but is still learning how to seek it. We're patiently guiding him, allowing him to set the pace for building trust. And it's working—he's already warming up to us, especially when lettuce is involved!


                                      Meet The Downey Buns!

We came across a post about bunnies on a kill list in Downey and drove two hours to the valley to rescue three precious bunnies. The process was intense, but we managed to save them. They were terrified for their lives, but each bunny seemed relieved once they were brought to safety—you could see it in their eyes. Two of the bunnies were siblings who had been separated, which felt wrong, so we contacted the adopter of the other sibling. After discussing, we agreed they should be together, and she traveled two hours from San Diego to reunite them. Initially, the shelter informed us that all the bunnies were female, but we later discovered one was male. We named him Cappy, short for Cappuccino, and his sister is Creamsicle. The white bunny is named Sundae, and the Dutch bunny is Betty.

                                            Soggy aka Raisin

Soggy was a resilient little one. We saved her from a situation where she was kept outside in a small hutch with a wire bottom, without any room to move or shelter from the harsh elements. She was surrounded by waste and had been repeatedly bred with her brother. Her nails were overgrown, and she had a sizable mammary tumor. Immediately after rescuing her, we took her to the vet. Despite the vet's concerns about her chances of survival, we proceeded with the surgery and spay, which were successful. She reached the age of 11 but, unfortunately, has since passed away. She remains forever cherished in our hearts.


Powder Baby Cotton Puff

Powder was a Dwarf Hotot. We saved her from a shelter just before she was to be euthanized. She seemed very depressed and eager for adoption. Having been there for a while, she was extremely bored, lacking both hay and toys. The staff seemed indifferent to her fate, whether she was euthanized or handed over to unsuitable owners; they simply wanted her out. Upon her arrival, she suffered from GI Stasis, which our local vet successfully treated. Powder then thrived, living her best life. She adored her digestive support cookies, sprinting towards them with all the speed her tiny legs could muster. She was a true beauty, her 'mascara' never streaking down her cheeks. We fondly called her a sweet little lady. Sadly, Powie has passed away, but she enjoyed a long, joyful life. She will forever be loved and remembered.

Paul Bunnyan

Paul was rescued from a breeder because he was unsuitable for show due to malocclusion and severe arthritis. At the age of six, weighing around 15 pounds, he underwent biweekly teeth trimmings and received daily pain medication. He also suffered from allergies, for which he was given eye ointment. He shared his life with his "wifebun" Soggy, living on foam pads with extra blankets and using a low-cut litter box. The loss of Soggy was hard on him, leading to severe depression. We endeavored to lift his spirits by allowing him supervised outdoor playtime, where he delighted in binkying, digging, and lounging in the sun. Regrettably, Paul passed away this year, rejoining his beloved Soggy.


Hopscotch was saved from a breeder where he was being sold cheaply. To prevent him from falling into the wrong hands, we intervened. Once he reached the appropriate age, we had him neutered, and the procedure was successful. However, two weeks later, we discovered he had developed a hernia. Attempting to return to the original vet was futile as the doctor was on vacation, so we sought help from another exotic animal vet. This vet managed to repair his hernia, administer laser therapy, and prescribe antibiotics and pain relief. Despite the lengthy and taxing recovery, Hopscotch grew stronger with the aid of suitable fruits and vegetables. His early life was filled with trauma, but now he stands as the guardian of his companion, Harley.


A few years back, we rescued Harley from a pet store where she was being mistreated. Confined to a small cage without hay or fresh water, she was handled roughly, often being lifted by her ears. Recognizing this was wrong, we intervened. After getting her spayed and thoroughly examined, we provided her with a clean living space, complete with fresh hay, water, and food. She now shares her life with her companion, Hopscotch, and they enjoy fresh greens together.

Nicki Bunaj and Tuhop

Upon seeing a Facebook post about two bunnies set to be euthanized the following day, we immediately headed to the valley. After a two-and-a-half-hour drive, we rescued the pair. They quickly adapted to our home, showing signs of happiness. Originally named Nove and Astra, we renamed them Nicki Bunaj and Tuhop. Although Tuhop is slightly older, they resemble each other closely. Tuhop has a fondness for hay, while Nicki prefers fresh water. We're patiently earning their trust; Tuhop is warming up to us, and Nicki, though shy, is trying to socialize. Tragically, Nicki did not survive the anesthesia during her spay. Tuhop remains energetic and has formed a bond with Anna.

Cookiedough and Dotty 

Cookiedough and Dotty arrived at the shelter on 7/1/23 and were adopted by a mother and son a few months later. However, when the son left for college, the mother returned them to the shelter, not wishing to keep them. Concerned they might become depressed or separated, we decided to rescue them. They are incredibly sociable and inseparable. They are now secure and as happy as ever, with a fondness for their hay and salad. It's evident they are much happier now.

Oakley and Woody

Oakley and Woody arrived at the shelter on 6/12/23. Woody had formed a bond with another bunny, who was later transferred to a different shelter, leaving Woody in a state of depression after losing his companion. To prevent further distress, Woody was paired with Oakley, and we aimed to avoid separating them again. As the longest residents of the shelter, we also wanted to protect them from euthanasia. They share a synchronized and inseparable bond, making them an incredibly endearing and sweet duo.

Momma and Melbun

Momma was rescued from a shelter. She appeared very depressed and stressed in her photo on the shelter's website. We discovered she was scheduled for euthanasia within a few days, so we arranged a pickup date. Once home, she settled in comfortably. She behaves as though she has been mistreated, showing skittish and nervous tendencies. We're working on socializing her, taking it slow. When she seemed unwell, we took her to the vet and found she had a bladder infection, which we treated. We postponed her spaying as a precaution. It seems she's had several litters... poor thing! Now that she's feeling better and acting cheerfully, we proceeded with the spaying, and she's become quite energetic. Melbun, on the other hand, was found wandering a neighborhood. We received a call to rescue him, marking our first 'chase'—though it was more of a hop. We captured him with a net and immediately identified him as male. After two weeks of searching for his owners with no success, we had him neutered. He's now happily living with his girlfriend, and their relationship is quickly progressing.

Elsa & Anna

Elsa and Anna were saved from a shelter where they were listed for euthanasia, necessitating immediate action. We rescued them within the next few days. Initially nervous, they have now become lively and joyful. Both are undergoing spaying procedures. They are in good health and have hearty appetites. We adore them immensely; they are as charming as any bunny can be. Witnessing their transformation from their past to their present state is heartwarming. Our ultimate aim is to ensure every bunny is content, healthy, and placed in an ideal home. Anna can be identified by the brown around her eye and the brown tip on her ear, while Elsa is the all-white bunny.


Meet Nutmeg, a bunny who was taken to the animal shelter. Her previous owner claimed she was aggressive and had bitten her, which nearly led to Nutmeg being euthanized, as she could only be adopted by a rescue group. We discovered she was at risk and rescued her, expecting to face aggression and trust issues. However, we quickly learned that Nutmeg is incredibly sweet. She's affectionate, playfully energetic, and adores being around people. It's heartbreaking to think she was almost put down because of her former owner's lie. Now, she's joyfully living with us and is on her way to finding a permanent home.

Nicole Kidbun

Nicole Kidbun was saved from a mobile home park after a girl contacted us, preferring not to send her to a shelter. We immediately went to retrieve her. On arrival, we observed her broken-tipped ear, which doesn't seem to trouble her. After being spayed, she's now content and healthy. Her high-strung nature only adds to her charm! She has an irresistible love for fresh greens, twitching delightfully as she munches on them. Indeed, she is a stunning bunny!

Binky and Bambi

Binky and Bambi were in a shelter facing euthanasia due to their malnourished state and critical health. Fortunately, we were alerted through a post and arranged for a transporter to meet us halfway, which greatly facilitated the rescue. To prevent any potential illness from spreading, we initially isolated them. After two weeks, they showed no signs of sickness, so we integrated them with our other rabbits. Post-spaying, they are now happily munching on hay and fresh greens!