Sunshine & Buns Rabbit Rescue inc.
Every Bunny's Welcome
Welcome to Sunshine & Buns Rabbit Rescue, a dedicated rabbit-only nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in Pearblossom, California, where bunnies are offered a second chance at a "hoppily ever after". We strive to make each bunny feel cherished and unique, in the hope they can relearn love and trust. Bunnies rank as the third most favored pets, yet, regrettably, they are also the third most forsaken. Many fail to realize that bunnies cannot transition from a domestic setting to the harsh conditions of the wild. Our desert, tragically, has become a disposal site for these innocent creatures, who stand no chance of survival. They cannot endure extreme temperatures, and abandonment in the desert spells certain doom.

This is where our mission begins. Our aim is to create a kinder world for bunnies. We seek to inform the public about proper bunny care. Bunnies suffer in the production of fur and are subjected to cruel experiments in U.S. research facilities, leading to their suffering and demise for the sake of common household and personal items. The mistreatment they endure is beyond comprehension. By choosing cruelty-free products, marked by the symbol of bunny ears, we can prevent countless tragedies. Numerous apps are available to help identify animal-friendly products, making it easier to make compassionate choices.