Cookie Dough and Dotty

Cookie Dough and Dotty are spayed females, a bonded pair we're adopting out together. Cookie Dough is the shy one, but she becomes quite playful when comfortable. Both she and Dotty enjoy playing. Dotty is the extrovert, brave and incredibly cute. Dotty is a Not-So-Dwarf Hotot, and we believe Cookie Dough may be an English Spot. We estimate Dotty to be 2 years old and Cookie Dough 4, though we're not certain. Their bond is strong and they are inseparable. They relish hay, fresh greens, and, naturally, fresh water, which they prefer to drink from bowls. Cardboard boxes are among their favorite things. We hope to find the perfect home for Cookie Dough and Dotty.

Please email us if you're interested in fostering or adopting.

Woody and Oakley

Oakley and Woody are available for adoption. They are a bonded pair and will be adopted together. Oakley, a spayed female, is believed to be around 4 years old and is strikingly beautiful. She often becomes the center of attention and is thought to be a Dutch Mix. Woody, the alpha of the duo, is estimated to be less than a year old. They both enjoy lounging in their box, munching on hay. They eagerly anticipate their fresh greens and pellets. They prefer drinking from a bowl, which needs frequent changing. Spending just five minutes with them is sure to bring laughter. They are allowed to play with their toys under supervision, which they thoroughly enjoy. Contact us to foster or adopt!

Tuhop and Anna

Tuhop and Anna are a bonded pair, united by love at first sight and now ready for adoption. We believe Tuhop is approximately 4 years old, while Anna is about 1. Both Tuhop is neutered and Anna is spayed. They share a bond akin to high school sweethearts. Anna takes on the more mature role as Tuhop enjoys carrying around his stuffed animals, which he adores. We keep an eye on him to ensure he doesn't ingest them, yet he joyfully hops about with his beloved stuffy in his mouth. Their cozy bed sits atop their enclosure where they cuddle together. Their affection for each other is unmistakable, and they might even be considered "Husbun" and "Wifebun." They relish their hay, vegetables, and fresh water from a bowl—a drinking method Tuhop introduced to Anna, allowing us to remove the bottle. 

Contact us to adopt or foster this charming duo!

Nicole Kidbun

Nicole Kidbun is a spayed little lady with a high-strung yet adorable personality. There's never a dull moment with her around! She adores fresh greens above all else. When she munches on her veggies, she twitches with delight because they're so tasty. Her colors are stunning, and she carries herself with elegance. She truly is a fancy lady! 

Contact us to adopt or foster her!


Nutmeg is a spirited little gem. She resembles a potato and is a petite lady with a grand attitude. Her favorite treat is lettuce. She adores her tiny condo, especially lounging on its roof. She even has a teddy bear that she enjoys tossing into her hay tube. She's sure to bring laughter into your home and would be the ideal bunny for your family if you have a fondness for the feisty ones!


Elsa is a spayed female with a distinct personality. She mostly maintains a clean living space and adores a teddy bear that matches her size. She's often seen licking it. Her affection extends to cardboard boxes and hay—she absolutely loves hay. Elsa is affectionate yet can be quite judgmental. Nonetheless, she's utterly charming. It's endearing how toys frequently end up in her water dish, embodying the essence of an 'innocent soul.'